Call for Ideas

Find a great idea! It could be related to whatever topic interest you the most: it could be an idea you had while talking with your environmentalist friend, or an inspiration that came from a movie you’ve seen recently – as long as it would make Europe a better place for everyone, every idea is welcomed here!

You might want to check out how the EU institutions work before, or take some ideas from the existing Youth Goals.

Sharing your idea is easy and it takes just few minutes, here’s how to do it: 

  • Register: by creating your personal account .


  • Publish your Ideas: great, you’re… almost done: indeed, don’t forget to take a look at your peer’s other ideas!


  • Vote Ideas: each person has 5 votes to give to other ideas: this is your way to say yours and support the ideas that are more in line with your unique perspective, don’t waste it! 

In May, the voting phase will be closed and the most voted proposal will be discussed by our European policy makers and will get the chance to become part of our daily life!

Call for Idea

Get your idea to 100 to be reviewed

The call for ideas is officially OPEN!

We are entering the most exciting phase of the project Youth is EU, and YOU will be the main character!

Indeed, Youth is EU is to give young people a place and time to participate in a democratic process, activate themselves, feel empowered as EU citizens and say loud their ideas.

That is why this Call for Ideas was created, to open a space for discussion and new, fresh ideas about the Europe WE, as young citizens, desire.

The Call for Ideas is an interactive vote-system that will ultimately map our root interests, needs and perspectives, allowing everyone to take part in shaping the image of our common future Europe.

Everyone of us, at least once, has thought: “how better would be the world if…”.

This place is here to share that wish, to elaborate on it and eventually, who knows, to make it come true! Indeed, by the end of the voting phase (all the details below), the best proposals will be organized in a formal document and shared with leading EU policy makers.