SYnergia was founded in 2004 and consists of a multidisciplinary team of proactive and entrepreneurial young people, to promote events and develop projects with and for young people, maintaining a close relationship with the entire community.
SYnergia has several projects in the most diverse areas, always with the intention of improvement and learning, trying in the best way to impact our direct and indirect target group.

SYnergia has numerous projects with the objective of improving the communities in which they operate. These projects focus on several themes, from sports, social inclusion, environment, civic and social training, among others. National SYnergia projects promote and train young people in different areas. SYnergia has a lot of experience in the Erasmus + program and the European Solidarity Corps, with activities developed over the many years of work. 

SYnergia works in the specific areas, according to the core values and objectives, being divided in following departments SYnergia Health and Wellbeing, SYnergia Culture, SYnergia Academia, SYnergia Environment and SYnergia Social and Education.

Scambieuropei is an organization dedicated to youth and specialized in a wide range of fields, including non-formal education, international cooperation, communication, digital marketing and social work. The mission is to promote mobility opportunities for young people to help them improve their work and/or educational skills. 

To raise awareness and knowledge on the EU mobility among young people and to promote the projects of the EU Programs, the founders created a free portal ( connected to the organization with more than 300,000 visits a month and 750,000 page views, helping the organization to achieve a huge amount of young people from all over the country and promote the European mobility in a young-oriented way.

Since 2011, the portal has also opened an online magazine for volunteers and young people abroad to share their experiences and emotions through travel stories and reflections on interculturalism. They developed 3 podcast series in collaboration with the Italian Youth National Agency to spread volunteering opportunities, employability and entrepreneurship among youngsters.

Scambieuropei is a partner in different Strategic Partnership projects, among which one delivers methodologies and tools for the narrative construction of the identity of European youngsters.

European Dialogue is a civic association promoting active citizenship, professional media and art, quality youth work, and media literacy in Slovakia and abroad. Its activities are targeted at young journalists and other media makers, artists, youth workers, and young people in general, including those who face lack of opportunities due to various obstacles, or haven’t been active in the public sphere yet.

The organisation helps mainly youth to get new competences in various relevant topics of their interest, develop their talents, be media literate and resistant to misinformation, use all the opportunities they have and be prepared for challenges, and be conscious of the impact of diverse activities on society and nature.

It facilitates the creation of quality media and artworks by young people, dialogue between the youth and policymakers, and fosters active European citizenship.

Collectif pour un Service Civique Européen is a youth movement initially created as an association under French law but with a European scope.

Their goal is to open up European mobility to as many people as possible, to make it more inclusive to increase the feeling of belonging and European identity among citizens.

They are convinced that the experience of living in another Member State, and accomplishing voluntary service of general interest can lay such a foundation in the heart of young Europeans.

The idea is opening one’s life opportunity, bringing the European experience to everybody as well as mobilizing the youth in facing the great challenges of our time (environmental, social, intergenerational, etc.).