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Young people can have a voice too

Many young people aren’t aware of the possibilities available to them, or don’t feel involved in the decision making process.

This is a place where change becmoes possible, and it starts with you!

Be Informed

and raise awareness on the European Union institutions through digital contents made by young people for young people

and be empowered: join an open space of discussion and take action to shape the Europe you want to see in the future.

and find out about the four associations working to make this happen.

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Become an Ambassador!

Grow as a media expert, creating digital and local content to spread social topics engaging your peers through education activities and sharable resources.

Embody active citizenship!  

The ambassadors will have the opportunity to explore the European institutions and reflect on the possible impact of the youth in action.

They will empower their local community by providing them with the tools to become active citizens and b







Who We Are?

Youth is EU, in a nutshell

The Call for Ideas Platform.

The platform will enable young people to propose their vision of the EU through ideas, proposals, and possible initiatives that the EU should undertake to be closer to its young citizens. Besides having the possibility to propose, they will vote on the ideas of others.

Advocacy Campaign

The most voted and supported ideas will be advocated to institutions and policymakers.

11 Podcasts

The podcasts will illustrate the 11 European Youth Goals

8 Videos

The videos aim to explain how the European institutions work and how the youth can influence EU politics.

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Tell us what is on your mind, become active in the frame of youth politics

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