Brief description

The project Youth is EU aims at fostering young people’s involvement in the European democratic process by forming a committee of young ambassadors in charge of creating innovative contents and tools addressed to other young citizens across Europe. 

By taking part in the project, young participants will grow as media experts and active citizens, able to spread social topics, engage other peers and disseminate relevant quality resources. 

Youth is EU is co-financed by the Programme Erasmus+ of the European Union and it is part of the European Youth Together initiative.


In the past years, the European Union has been putting great efforts into developing strategies and setting goals to create unity among young people and to include them in the different levels of the decision-making process.

Based on the complementary skills and experiences of 4 organisations deeply rooted in the European youth framework, Youth is EU intends to answer young people’s need to get concretely and meaningfully involved in European democracy.

This constitutes a real challenge, but also a great opportunity to foster the development of innovative and inclusive processes of participation in democratic life.

Goals and activities

Youth is EU aims at gathering a committee of young ambassadors who will cooperate during the project’s timespan both in person and through digital means. The project is based on two interconnected lines of actions, associated with specific goals and actions.

First of all, the project aims to raise awareness on Europe’s functions, goals, relevance and context, in a way that contributes to increasing young people’s knowledge, skills and critical analysis. This will be achieved by creating digital content developed by young people and addressed to other young people across Europe, with the topic of EU youth politics and institutions.

On the basis of that knowledge and awareness, the second line of action is to encourage democratic participation and to foster an active sense of European citizenship among young people. This will be made possible through an innovative and youth-friendly platform, on which they can propose ideas, initiatives, directions, and projects to be promoted to major institutions as a way to represent the EU they want to see in the future years.